Fire Ceremony Ritual Paper

Wild Verbena
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"Each set is unique in which magical herbs it carries as well as in shape and look. They come in a set of 8 pieces, 4 rituals. One to burn and one to plant. They come with a scroll with the directions below and are made in ceremony with prayers-

Create your sacred space. Light a candle, write on one piece of paper what you are releasing, the other what you are calling in. Read aloud what you are releasing, burn it, then breathe deeply. “And it is gone” say aloud. Take a moment, say “I call in” then read your manifestation aloud. Breath deeply (breath is important) then say “And it is done”. You can keep this piece of paper on your altar or bury it in the earth. There are seeds in your paper, your manifestation will be planted into the fertile soil to give birth to new life.  AND SO IT IS!!!"

~Wild Verbena