All Natural Floral Soap


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All Natural Aphrodeedee soaps are hand crafted right here in the high desert "on the mesa". Deedee grows her flowers in her home garden and also uses flowers from her daughters garden in Pasadena. They consists of a shea butter base which makes them very moisturizing. They are packaged in a silk organza bag which you keep your soap in so that the floral arrangements do not go down the drain. The bag acts as a soft frothy loofa. As beautiful as they are, make sure to put your soap to good use because it feels and smells as great as it looks! Ingredients : water, glycerine, glyceryl laureate, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa or mango butters, a mixture of castor, hempseed, grape seed, sunflower seed or olive oils, oatmeal, sugar, and essential oils for the scents *spices, herbs, teas, seeds or berries for color* botanicals and dehydrated fruit + all organic + sold in 2.5 oz pieces