RF Shannon : Rain On Dust : CD

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Rain On Dust was tracked in Austin, Texas in November of 2018. engineered by Will Patterson. First phase mixes by Will Patterson, final mixing pass by Pat Kearns in Joshua Tree, California. Mastered by Brett Orrison in Austin, Texas. Produced by Shane Renfro, with some valuable input from Will Patterson. All songs written by Shane Renfro.

The Players:

Luke Dawson on Pedal Steel

Jordan Moser played the groovy nylon string lead guitar and the clavs on ‘Angeline’

Will Patterson played bass and synth on ‘Angeline’, ‘Lay Low’, ‘Snake Oil’, ‘Ballad Of A Thin Place’, and’Mother Be’. Electric Guitar on ‘Snake Oil’ (he wrote the cool lead riff) and piano on ‘Don’t Be Shy’

Jeff Renfro played all the drums and most all of the percussion. He also kept me from going down the deep dark hole of self doubt many times during the making of the album. Thanks, Bub.

Jesse Woods played electric guitar on ‘Mother Be’ and acoustic on ‘Lay Low’ and lent his honey dripping voice for harmonies on ‘Don’t Be Shy’, ‘Angeline’, ‘Lay Low’, ‘Snake Oil’, ‘Ballad Of A Thin Place’, and ‘Mother Be’.

I, Shane Renfro, played and sang the rest of it.

Mikey and his pup Hal are on the front cover. I took that photo in Marfa on a particularly beautiful night. I hope they don’t mind me using it here.