Free The Radicals Herb Blend

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Despite the cool sounding name, free radicals are not something you want an excess of in your body. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. They seek to fill this gap by attaching onto already paired electrons in an attempt to steal the electron and thereby degrades the cell, causing oxidative damage.
Antioxidants are in charge of seeking out these molecules and neutralizing them by donating an electron. Free radicals are found in excess in the body from everything from pollution to diet to smoking and alcohol consumption. This blend aims to supplement your already antioxidant rich diet.

All ingredients are either organically grown or ethically wildcrafted. This reusable glass spice bottle features a grinder top which ensures that beneficial volatile oils, nutrients & flavor are preserved until use.

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, garlic, hawthorn, milk thistle seed, calendula petals, bilberry leaf, green tea, crushed red pepper, nigella