Flower Essences

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Flower Essences are electro magnetic imprints of flowers in spring water via solar & lunar infusions (think of sun teas but no color change.) The essences aid in the healing process through the vibrational effects they have upon the chakras, the meridians, the aura, & spirit.
The essences work through the energy lines of the body (meridians/naids) which are located between the nervous system & circulatory system. From here, the flower essence makes its way to the chakras, or energy 'wheels' of the body, helping to balance out emotional blocks, affecting our spirit & our auric field, which surrounds the physical body & is connected to the Universe.
*Flowers essences have no smell & are not essential oils. They are not contra-indicated with any prescription drugs & can be used safely with pets & plants* Made by Herbal Roots Apothecary : Sara Jane Taylor

Arnica :shock or trauma / reconnects spiritual + physical + emotional + mental aspects of self / grounds energy into the moment Acacia :awaken the feeling of oneness + telepathic communication + address deep states of hatred and anger Barrel Cactus:move through emotions while lightening up + letting go / trust your inner wisdom to guide you down the path California Poppy:utilized to enhance astral travel / helps link up cosmic inspiration from dreamtime / enhancing awareness + creativity / useful for addictive personalities and habits Chaparral : dreamtime psychic cleanser / protector of plants Cholla:helps you leap to new perspectives vs maintaining a rigid attitude / provides energetic protection Datura:third eye visionary medine / opens the doors of perception / facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a more comprehensive + visionary state / supports in letting go of a known or familiar reality, such as a relationship or job, without feeling threatened. DesertWillow: forpeople stuck in their ways of inflexibility of the mind + body +spirit / allows one to bend to the free-flow of energy through the body & mind / release old patterns Indian Paintbrush : indicated for any creative blocks / opens up the energy in the root and second chakras allowing for the flow of new ideas and inspirations to come through. Juniper: breaks down underlying belief systems / disperses negative thought forms and stuck energies Ocotillo : the wounded healer / the healer who wounds