Facial + Body Botanical Cleansing Oil

Mieka May created this cleansing oil with the intention to heal hormonal acne, dry skin, & environmental damages we face during these modern times. It has a therapeutic aroma that calms the nerves & eases tension the moment you get a whiff. Cleansing oils are known for removing any makeup, dirt or grime when massaged into the skin by binding to the impurities & pulling them out instead of clogging pores. Your skin is left feeling clear, hydrated, & soft.
Apply a generous amount to any area of the face or body & massage into your skin. You can use this moment to ease any areas of particular stress or tension to truly relax. To remove the oils use a warm wash cloth. You can use the cleansing oils in the bath / shower or with no water at all.
ingredients : sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, essential oils of lavender, rose, chamomile