Eva Arch Wall Hanging

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Eva Arch wall hanging with three sun/moon circles, hand textured crescent moons and bronze metal work. Wall art for your thoughtfully curated home...a place of grounding, nourishment and sanctuary. Add your own personal creative touch to this piece or hang AS IS. Size: 15.25" (38.7 cm) wide X 6.5" (16.5 cm) tall (at tallest point) - Bar length between "Arch" 5.5" (14 cm) Bright Star & Buffalo wall hangings come with either or both: key hole hanging devices and/or welded bronze "loops". Our key hole device fits snugly over a size six brass screw. Our "loops" are slightly adjustable. *Hardware not included. Care and Maintenance: Brass, bronze and copper naturally tarnish. We do not seal our bronze, brass or copper. Moisture will accelerate the natural patina (tarnish or coloring) process. There are several techniques available to remove patina and re shine your bronze, brass or copper products - if that is what you prefer. - To clean: simply rub gently with lime/lemon juice and salt, rinse, dry with a soft cloth. Alternately you can use "Barkeepers Friend" or "Bon Ami". - To shine: use commercial brass and copper polishing compounds such as "Brasso" or silver polish. by Bright Star & Buffalo