Chocolate Bar

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Made by Endorfin Foods : 3 varieties 

Ginger + Rose 

The soft warmth of fresh ginger root builds slowly in this delightfully smooth chocolate bar, eventually giving way to a delicate touch of rose. The balance of floral aromatics and subtle spice infused into our signature dark mylk chocolate have made this our most award-winning bar for several years running.

Golden Mylk 

To craft this bar, we mill turmeric into warm molten cacao butter over the course of several hours, unlocking the nutritive potential of this prized root. A touch of cardamom & black pepper further enhances both flavor and function, with small crystals of black lava salt finishing this delicious piece of confectionary alchemy.

Coconut Cream 

This 21st century mylk chocolate bar is an updated take on classical milk chocolate, with our own formulation of caramelized coconut in place of dairy. We’ve also crafted this bar with a much higher percentage of cacao, so you’ll enjoy the bold flavors of dark chocolate with the luxuriously smooth texture you know and love.