Check Yourself Herb & Salt Blend

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As emotional beings, we should not try to suppress the range of our feelings.  However, it is important to realize a healthy balance and not let an emotion take over and cause harm.  Take a step back and ask yourself: does this serve me, does this belong to me, is there another perspective?  Accept your emotions, but do not let them overpower.
This B-vitamin rich blend aims to help gently nourish your emotional well-being.  Use it liberally in broth, soup, on popcorn, on eggs, or in any of your favorite dishes.


All ingredients are either organically grown or ethically wildcrafted. This reusable glass spice bottle features a grinder top which ensures that beneficial volatile oils, nutrients & flavor are preserved until use.

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, parsley, dulse, sesame seeds, nettles, milky oats, bee pollen