Bath Salts

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The Ritual: Add a handful or about 1/4 a cup to bath just prior to entering tub or while already inside. Can also be used in a foot bath. If desired the blend may be used in a muslin bag to avoid botanical particles from sticking to the bath. 

Comes in a clear glass jar with lid. 


River Bathing Elemental Ritual Bath Salts

Ingredients: epsom salts, dead sea salt, black salt, dendritic salt, Labrador tea, cornflower petals, and an essential oil blend. 

Aspects: herbal, relaxing, soothing

A relaxing, clarifying bath soak reminiscent of the cedary scent of a Scandinavian spa. Good for sore, tired muscles.


Lunar Bathing Elemental Ritual Bath Salts

Ingredients: dead sea salts, epsom salts, dendritic salt, activated charcoal, milky oat tops, lavender buds, jasmine flowers, and an essential oil blend. 

Aspects: Floral, radiant, relaxing, emotionally uplifting  

Relaxing celestial bath soak. Assists in the release of repressed emotions and brings lightness and a happy feeling to those who use it. The use of jasmine oil, a known aphrodisiac, helps to dispel fear, guilt, and emotional blocks.